About the conference

Exploring the Potential of Graphene
March 8, 2012, Berne, Sorell Hotel Ador, Laupenstr. 15

Large projects in the field of future and emerging technologies are being designed and discussed in Europe under the heading flagship projects. At present, six applications are regarded as the most promising for actual funding. One of them suggests a broad investigation of Graphene, consisting of monoatomic layers of carbon. This material is not only of interest with respect to its physical and chemical properties but also promises far-reaching new applications of different varieties and high potential for economic profits.

Very large research programmes binding significant human and financial resources, raise a number of questions that must be discussed within the scientific community at large. Only a broad discussion and sufficient understanding of the context can convince both decision makers and the scientific community that a given major enterprise is the suitable vehicle to reach the ambitious goals and deserves the extraordinary support that is envisaged.

In view of these arguments, the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) and the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) are organizing this meeting. In a first step the meeting will provide lucid information on some of the extraordinary physical and chemical properties of the material, followed by a brief layout of the planned EU program. Next it aims at addressing both general and specific questions of interest to a broad community that will arise in the wake of these presentations. Finally the meeting provides a platform for discussions concerning the priority of the participation of Switzerland in such a program. Among the speakers are internationally renowned experts and Swiss researchers already involved in studies of graphene, its basic properties and its potential for applications.

The meeting is open to scientists of all disciplines, to professionals from industry as well as to representatives from funding agencies and federal authorities and interested journalists. The conference is free of charge and will be held in English.

Conference Flyer (pdf, 817.0 KB)

Flyer (pdf, 817.0 KB)