Right to Water and Sustainable Water Management

Project C1-9

The purpose of this project is to secure initial funding with the goal of obtaining third-party funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation and private foundations for the research project "Right to Water and Sustainable Water Management". This interdisciplinary project aims at analysing the legal and economic aspects of handling water as a scarce resource. The interdisciplinary approach of the project is based on the recognition that sustainability cannot be achieved within one discipline alone. This applies in particular to legal scholarship, which is dependent on neighbouring disciplines. The research project is institutionally anchored in the Center for Law and Sustainability (CLS) at the University of Lucerne.
This research project will be accompanied by a regular exchange with other project partners and stakeholders from civil society. In order to capture the issue's entire range, the project partners and the representatives of various interest groups will be invited to an initial workshop in autumn 2013. The aim of this workshop is to discuss the current problems in practice and scholarship and to reassess potential conflicts of interest. The findings thereby obtained will serve to elaborate on the research questions. Subsequently, the third-party funding applications will be prepared in 2013/2014 and submitted in 2014. The planned follow-up conference in 2015 will provide an opportunity to present and discuss the first research results.

Project leader
Prof. Dr. iur. Klaus Mathis
University of Lucerne
Faculty of Law, Chair for Public Law and Law of the Sustainable Economy

Involved universities
University of Lucerne

Project duration
01.07.2013 - 31.12.2016

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