Master tutorial 'Sustainability in the International Climate Change Policy'

Project B1-10

The master tutorial 'Sustainability in international climate change policy' will be carried out in the spring semester 2014 by students of the Institute of Geography at the University of Bern. It will be a transdisciplinary class conducted in collaboration with different institutes and research centres of the university and is also addressed to students of other disciplines such as political sciences and sociology and climate sciences. The participants of the class will deepen their knowledge through a broad literature review followed by discussions. For a better understanding and as inputs and examples of use, important actors engaging in international climate change policy will be invited for lectures. These actors include representatives of the public and private sector, nongovernmental organizations and academia. The focus of the class will be laid on intra-generational social sustainability. By doing so, students will engage with questions of equal chances and possibilities of different peoples living in different countries. This means that this tutorial forms the framework for extensive and critical discussions about the implications of structures and processes as much as specific instruments of the international climate change regime for different societies. Therefore, theories and concepts like postcolonial and gender studies, social movements and equity principles will be studied in order to gain specific perspectives on some examples of use.

Project leader
Ms Dina Spoerri
University of Bern
Involved universities:
University of Bern

Project duration
01.06.2013 - 31.07.2014

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