Biodiversité comestible : comprendre, pratiquer, transmettre

Project B1-35

The promotion of biodiversity is a very important challenge. The scientific community agrees that we are facing a large-scale biodiversity erosion. The Federal Office for the Environnement state that the conservation of biodiversity is a challenge that need at the same time local, regional and global actions.
This assessment motivated us in april 2014 to create the GRAMU (GRoupe d’AMénagement de l’Unine), a student’s association which goal is to promote biodiversity by focusing on local practices that enhance it. Biodiversity preservation and regeneration include a lot of actors with diverse expectations and points of view (scientific, politic, economic). During the time of our studies, it looks primordial to us to participate not only in the acquisition of skills to find solutions but equally to the transmission of these skills to a public as wide as possible. Then, the question that we are facing is: how to preserve this biodiversity and answer human needs at the same time? This is the reason why we are promoting interdisciplinary, innovative and holistic approaches like permaculture to answer this question.

Concretely, we are focusing on 3 interdependent goals:
* The production of food in urban zones
* The transmission of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in a way that is reproducible.
* To participate in scientific research about permaculture.

For these 3 goals we are we focus on 3 lines of action:
* We have a permaculture garden and we are now looking for implementing a diversified orchard with a pond on the field of the University of Neuchâtel
* We are organizing conferences and workshops about permaculture, agroecologie and sustainable development.
* We are setting up scientific research in collaboration with laboratories of the University to monitor and get data from our gardens.

Project leader
Mr. Oscar Morand
University of Neuchâtel
Involved universities:
University of Neuchâtel

Project duration
01.06.2015 - 31.12.2015

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