Bridging finance and sustainability: developing a transdisciplinary teaching course

Project A1-33

Finance is at the heart of many of the drivers and solutions to key sustainability issues such as ecological degradation, resource depletion, climate change, carbon emissions or demographic challenges. The complexity and interdependency of finance and sustainability issues require transdisciplinary teaching approaches.
In this project, we will develop a new Masters level transdisciplinary course on ‘‘Finance and Sustainability’’ by building on existing and successful finance and sustainability initiatives at the University of Geneva and draw on expertise from two inter-faculty institutes, which span areas as varied as economics, finance, environmental sciences, law, geography and science.
The course will unify teachers from diverse areas around a transdisciplinary concept, and a key outcome of the project will be to nourish a more holistic understanding of the important interconnections between finance and sustainability.
The main deliverable is a course on finance and sustainability, which will be offered to the students from different Master programs for the first time in spring 2016.

Project leader
Dr. Philipp Krüger
University of Geneva
Geneva School of Economics and Management

Involved universities
University of Geneva

Project duration
1.6.2015 - 31.12.2016

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