Developing a multiplying factor for ESD: competence-enhancing support for faculty staff

Project A3-32

The University of Bern is committed to sustainable development (SD) in campus operations, research, and teaching and learning, but implementation of this commitment in teaching is quite challenging. First, there is a general lack of tertiary education staff capable of supporting the integration of SD in teaching. In addition, faculty staff’s time available for research and teaching is increasingly threatened by administrative, fund raising, and quality requirements. This project aims to support faculty staff in their efforts to integrate SD as a cross-disciplinary theme in their courses and curricula, broadening their didactic options for developing additional personal, action, social, and methodological competences relevant to SD. The project comprises two components: Component 1 consists of two workshops, the first to enable lecturers to establish “their” thematic, conceptual, and methodological connection with SD, and thus the societal relevance of their discipline; and the second to increase faculty staff’s ESD competences and prepare them to be multipliers. In Component 2 we will produce a training package based on the demands expressed in the workshops. The package will contain introductory information on SD and didactic tools to train competences in different formats (e.g. short podcasts) available for different kinds of courses. The ultimate aim is to build sufficient institutional and personal capacity to develop a multiplying factor for ESD at the University of Bern. Collaboration between the University’s Centre for Development and Environment, its Educational Development Unit, and its ICT-support Unit should ensure an ideal combination of thematic, didactic, and e-learning expertise.

Project leader
Dr. Karl Herweg
University of Bern
Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)

Involved universities
University of Bern

Project duration
1.6.2015 - 31.12.2016

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