Diversification and creation of new forms of property rights on resources in the context of sustainability

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Invited lecturer: Peter Knoepfel (IDHEAP)

This workshop dealt with the specificity of natural resource governance. It appears more and more clearly that natural resource uses are intrinsically non identical to the classic private goods consumption. This has been notified by both the literature on the commons and on the definition of socio-ecological systems.

The workshop assessed this broad question by focusing on property rights. It started from the assumption that if natural resource uses are specific, so are property rights on natural resources. Particularly, the aim was to highlight and discuss this point while considering the diversity of property rights structures. More particularly, the workshop focused on discussing the two processes of (1) diversification and (2) of creation of new forms of property rights in the context of the diffusion of the sustainability principles.

The workshop was structured in two steps. First, an overview of the POLIRSURD project was given to participants and discussed by them. This step also introduced the second that focused on the workshop topic. Participants discussed a lecture on property rights and environment.
Stéphane Narath, University of Lausanne
Thomas Bolognesi, University of Geneva


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