How to motivate faculty to engage in Teaching for Sustainability?

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In this workshop, the focus was on faculty motivation as a major driver for the integration of sustainability into higher education institutions. For instance, discussion groups with students at the University of St. Gallen suggest that faculty’s authenticity in presenting sustainability issues is of major importance in order to fully integrate sustainability into higher education curricula. However, in order to reach this authenticity, faculty need to be convinced by the goals and content of education for sustainability.

In the workshop, we started out with a student’s point of view on good and bad practices of teaching at the University of St. Gallen. As a next step, we asked the participants to reflect on what they perceive as key challenges regarding motivation and ability to integrate sustainability in higher education. Working with these challenges, 3-4 groups became experts on certain motivational issues and worked out recommendations for the other groups on particular questions, such as
Which good practices regarding the integration of sustainable development in the curriculum can we communicate to our faculty?
What are drivers for faculty to integrate sustainable development into their curriculum?
What kind of support is needed by faculty? What measures/tools/ideas do exist?

Workshop report and outcomes (pdf)
Taiga Brahm, University of St. Gallen
Christoph Meier, University of St. Gallen
Patrizia Kühner, University of St. Gallen


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