Student umbrella organisation for sustainability: Unify diversity and boost impact

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Invited expert: Johannes Geibel, netzwerk-n

The Swiss Federation of Student Organisations for Sustainable Development (VSN FDD FSS) unites student organisations that campaign for more sustainability at their universities. It aims at supporting students in making their sustainability concerns heard on the level of society. Further, it wants to bundle the numerous member organisations and projects and embed them into longterm collective goals.
To this end, the existing network shall be expanded, so that on the one hand it is secured in the longterm, and on the other hand produces synergy effects in the sense of an institutionalised knowledge exchange between members. By this, the impact of local organisations on the national scale shall be increased.

Among the main challenges that the VSN faces are (a) particularly frequent changeovers of people working dedicatedly in projects, and (b) the high fluctuation which is typical for student initiatives. How can students be motivated to participate? In what form can the collected knowledge be saved and passed on?

The participants of this workshop developed solution strategies to these questions based on their own experiences and in collaboration with the present members of the VSN board.

Workshop results
Nadine Mounir, VSN
Vivian Frick, VSN
Further convenors tbd


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