Exploring and supporting multidimensional sustainability in Valle Onsernone

Project B1-32

The field study week 'Exploring and supporting multidimensional sustainability in Valle Onsernone' is taking place in the Onsernone valley, a small valley in the west of the canton Ticino, in September 2015. The study week is conducted by two geography masters students and is open to all students of the University of Berne with specific interests in exploring and implementing the sustainable development approach in a local context. The Onsernone valley, as a rural and quite remote area, offers a variety of resources and challenges in reference to sustainable development. The ambition of this study week is not only to enable insight into the contemporary challenges of the valley's inhabitants in their everyday life, but also to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders inside and outside academia – thereby generating knowledge in a bilateral fashion.
The focus of the field week is on the multi-dimensional forms of sustainability (regarding ecological, socio-cultural and economic sustainability, and additionally, the newer approach of artistic/cultural sustainability). In order to provide a range of perspectives on the topic of sustainability the schedule of the field study includes visits to a variety of local stakeholders, such as the Centro Sociale, the Museo Onsernonese, the commitee of the installation of the new swiss national park 'Parco Nazionale Locarnese', mountain farmers, tourism agencies, a corn-mill operator and NGOs operating on-site. Furthermore, the knowledge gained in the field study will be verbalized in two distinct ways: First, by composing a scientific reader that includes contributions of the field week participants expressing their recently attained insight into the topic of multidimensional sustainability and second, by publishing an article in the local newspaper 'La Voce Onsernonese'. In this manner we support the valley's inhabitants purpose to live in a sustainable environment.

Project leader
Mr. Daniel Egli
University of Bern

Involved universities
University of Bern

Project duration
01.06.2015 - 28.2.2016

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