oikos St. Gallen 2.0

Project B2-7

oikos is a student initiative founded 1987 in St. Gallen, which deals with sustainable development in economy, society and environment. Its main goal is to increase the awareness for sustainability, opportunities and challenges focusing on students of management and economics. Currently, more than 100 oikees are actively involved in one of the 13 oikos projects. On the one hand, the project will provide an adequate facility to the students nearby the University. There, our project members will have enough space to develop and implement their project ideas, which supports an on-going project advancement. On the other hand, the project will allow to organize different events as well as workshops. Our first goal is to inform the students of the University of St. Gallen about current topics and sensitize them in the field of sustainability. The students will have the possibility to build up a network to external speakers and firms, which are performing well in the area of sustainability. Furthermore we support our project members to share their experiences among each other as well as with members from other oikos chapters, with the aim to get in touch with new ideas in the field of sustainability.

Project leader

Mr David Zogg
oikos St. Gallen
Involved universities:
University of St.Gallen
oikos St. Gallen

Project duration
01.07.2013 - 31.12.2016


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