Teaching and learning

Area A1: Teaching and learning courses for sustainable development

A1-2  Putting psychology in the service of initiating, supporting, and sustaining eco-friendly behaviour

A1-3  Sustainable Development on Bachelor Level - an Immersive Programme in Sustainable Development

A1-4  Implementing an interdisciplinary course programme for PhD-students in sustainability science at the university of Basel

A1-10  Sustainability for all

A1-11  Creating Spaces for Transdisciplinary Learning (CreST)

A1-12  Sustainable teaching in agroecology

A1-17  Development of a curriculum integrating sustainability and responsibility in the Master of Accounting and Finance (MAccFin) programme

A1-19  Translating Plant Science into Sustainable Development - An Educational Model for facilitating Sustainable Agriculture Research towards Transfer (SMART Agriculture)

A1-20  Gendering Sustainability - Teaching a comprehensive approach to sustainable development in a transdiciplinary context

A1-21  STUDIUM SUSTAINALE - Developing, Testing and Analysing a Teaching Concept Merging studium generale- Context-Studies with Sustainable Development

A1-25  Linking sustainable development, equity and health: triggering debates across disciplinary boundaries

A1-26  Teaching ,(un)sustainable consumption’ at Swiss universities

A1-30  Motivating ICT, IS and computer science students for sustainability - developing and testing course material

A1-33  Bridging Finance and Sustainability: developing a transdisciplinary teaching option for Master's Ievel students on 'Finance and Sustainability'


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