Gendering Sustainability - Teaching a comprehensive approach to sustainable development

Project A1-20

Sustainability challenges are often only discussed from an environmental perspective (i.e. climate change), ignoring the multiple social and economic dimensions underlying such problems. Gender concerns on the other hand often appear only in the social science debates. This project would like to merge the various sustainability debates, by highlighting the underlying gender dimension of all areas of sustainability. We therefore conceive of sustainable development as an issue of intergenerational global justice with a strong gender equity focus.
The Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies of the University of Bern and the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Geneva, will develop an interdisciplinary seminar for Master students, to explore the way gender matters to sustainability and sustainable development. The seminar aims to bring together students from different disciplinary backgrounds of the two involved institutions and to familiarize them with the basic concepts of sustainable development from a gender perspective.
Apart from elaborating a theoretical background, students will also be able to follow the complex and contested negotiating processes under way to an international agreement on Sustainable Development Goals, a process which should come to an end in 2015 with the expiry of the Millenium Development Goals. The master courses will consist of a broad variety of teaching methods. At the end of the seminar, students will make their knowledge available for practitioners and policy makers in the field in form of an electronic platform.

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Project leader

Tanja Rietmann
University of Bern
Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies (IZFG)

Involved universities
University of Bern
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

01.09.2013 - 31.12.2015

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