Linking sustainable development, equity and health: triggering debates across disciplinary boundaries

Project A1-25

Health is a condition for and an outcome of sustainable development. In many cases, the best choices for health are also the best choices for the physical environment; and the most equitable and environment-friendly choices are also good for health. However, up to now, the links between debates in sustainable development and in public health/health promotion remain weak. The motto “joint research and action for healthy people in healthy societies on a healthy planet” formulated by Kickbusch (2010:40) links the two debates. Moving in this direction means tackling ‘wicked problems’. Students should thus learn to ‘think out of their box’. As experts in public health, for instance, they will need to go beyond the boundaries of health systems. Students have to develop capabilities in joint analysis and planning in inter- and transnational partnerships with scientists from other fields, politicians, practitioners and activists, which calls for a transdisciplinary approach. Further they will be introduced to systemic approaches to health in social-ecological systems based on the “one health” concept, linking human and animal health and EcoHealth, which formally relates health and ecosystem services.

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Course participants visit an urban farming project

Project leader

Prof. Brigit Obrist
University of Basel
Institute of Social Anthropology

Involved universities
University of Basel

Project duration
1.7.2014 - 31.12.2016

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