Sustainable evelopment on bachelor level – an immersive programme in sustainable development

Sustainable Development on Bachelor Level - an Immersive Programme in Sustainable Development

Project leader:
Prof. Dr. Patricia Holm
University of Basel
Department of Environmental Sciences, Man-Society-Environment

Involved universities:
University of Basel

1.6.2013 - 31.12.2016

Lay summary:
Currently, students on bachelor level at the University of Basel are offered four courses on sustainable development as faculty-overarching programme, which can be chosen within the range of free credit points (ECTS). The new strategy at the University of Basel ('Strategie 2014 – 2018') is explicitly fostering "a full study programme in sustainable development" to offer students at all levels access to knowledge and critical reflection on this topic.
Accordingly and in aiming at developing a modern interdisciplinary course programme for bachelor students, we further develop a revision of the structure and the teaching tools based on the experience of the successful existing programme. As topics of prime interest, we will focus on the issue of climate change and sustainability.
The project will start with an evaluation of the current programme. Subsequently a new course curriculum will be developed. In an interactive process of realisation, evaluation and adjustment, the course will be proposed for implementation at the University of Basel and other interested universities. As a result, the new programme will replace the current one. To integrate the experience from other courses outside of Basel and from experienced lecturers, interviews will be conducted and two workshops will accompany the outlined process.

University of Basel
bachelor course
study programme in sustainable development

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