Responsible leadership in teaching: Finance & accounting

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In the last decades the topic sustainability and responsibility entered the field of finance and accounting in a lot of ways: Through big accounting scandals (like ENRON) and the financial crisis financial regulators, markets and the respective actors lost a lot of credibility. Simultaneously a lot of initiatives and regulations gained momentum (like Global Reporting Initiative). Moreover, the impact of long-term economic, environmental and social trends on investments, the integration of sustainability criteria into financial analysis and financial regulation has continuously moved up the agenda. Initiatives such as the Principles for Responsible Investment and the UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System are cases in point for that. Therefore this workshop was designed as a platform to exchange experiences and ideas on how to integrate sustainability and responsibility issues in teaching specifically in the fields accounting and finance. Impulse talks presented the experiences from two universities and the development of an integrative course format, supported by several disciplines and directly addressing students of a master in accounting and finance programme. In the workshop we also addressed the question of how to motivate and inspire students for sustainability and responsibility. Especially in the area of finance and accounting, students are often not aware of the relevance of the topic. So, also the curriculum design of programs and the sequence of courses were discussed.

The workshop discussed the following questions:
How to integrate the topic in the curriculum? (What courses, what interactions between courses, when to start, what mandatory course topics?)
What teaching formats are appropriate?
How to motivate and inspire students?

Participants were asked to contribute their approaches and experiences: What worked out well, what not?

Moderator: Alexander Barkawi, oikos

Impulse by Klaus Möller (pdf)
Workshop protocol (pdf)
Klaus Möller, University of St. Gallen
Marc Chesney, University of Zurich
Alexander Barkawi, oikos


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