Sustainable University Day 2016

April 21, 2016 | University of Lausanne


Knowledge of limits and limitations of knowledge
Reconciling earth' life-sustaining capacity with our lifestyles
Photo: Université de Lausanne
Photo: Université de Lausanne

More than 40 years after the publication of the report "The Limits to Growth" sponsored by the Club of Rome, the need to reconcile our lifestyles with the finiteness of earth' life-sustaining capacity is more urgent than ever. Scientific work on these limits is still poorly linked to the expectations of society. Respective knowledge ist thus hardly integrated into societal decision making.

Against this background, the Sustainable University Day 2016 addressed the contribution of the academic world to identifying and becoming aware of those limits. It discussed - in this context - how universities can support our transition to more sustainable lifestyles.

Organised with the University of Lausanne


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