Workshop on innovative teaching and learning methods for sustainable development

Wednesday, December 9, 2015, University of Zürich
Quite a number of teaching and learning projects in the sd-universities programme test and use innovative methods like e.g. case studies, intervention, role plays, videos, simulation games or reversed classroom. Such methods have a great potential to improve education for sustainable development at the tertiary level. In order to allow lecturers to exchange experiences, expertise and ideas with each other and with further interested experts, we organise a workshop on innovative teaching and learning methods for sustainable development. This workshop is supported by the Sustainability Team at the University of Zürich.

Programme - slides available for download for titles in bold:
Workshop, plenum: Goals of teaching and learning for SD

Input SAGUF BNE co-leaders Ruth Förster and Sandra Wilhelm: Constructive
Alignment and ESD

Inputs on specific methods, questions and discussions:

- Martin Schlaepfer (A1-33, Univ. Geneva): flipped-classroom approach
(Download Flipped Classroom Field Guide)

- Clemens Mader (A1-30, Univ. Zürich): Blended learning approach – the ELTT case

- Piet van Eeuwijk (A1-25, Univ. Basel): Video Interviews as Course Work
Video expert Video student (100MB each, works best with the VLC media player)

- Markus Ulrich (A1-21, Univ. della Svizzera italiana, UCS Ulrich Creative Simulations
GmbH): Simulation games (without computers) as learning tools for sustainability

- Kristina Lanz (A1-20, Univ. Bern): Role play UN negotiations

- Christian Schubarth (A1-11, Univ. Geneva): Coping with a virtual order; student -
stakeholder interaction in case studies

- Melanie Paschke (A1-19, Univ. Zürich): Open inquiry to strengthen sd-competencies

- Marlyne Sahakian (A1-26, Univ. Lausanne): Using social practice theory to imagine
future 'sustainable scenarios' related to everyday life

Parallel Workshops:
a) Fostering and hindering factors for innovative teaching methods – improving the conditions to implement innovative teaching and learning methods at universities
b) Additional innovative teaching and learning methods for SD
c) Testing and discussing the napuro simulation game for corporate sustainability / CSR

For further information please contact Tobias Buser


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