Integrated Demand, Safety and Impact Model for Bicycling (IDSI BICY)

Project C1-35

Bicycling is an emission free and space efficient way to travel. In addition health benefits from physical activity when cycling have gained attention as an argument to convince people to bike, or bike more, and also to convince decision makers to invest in infrastructure for bicycling.
To date, decisions to invest in measures to promote bicycling and improve safety for cyclists are part of the daily work of traffic planners in communities small and large. However, fairly little is understood about the effectiveness of individual measures. And it remains unclear what would be an ideal mix of for example infrastructure, safety and education measures. The reason for this lack of certainty lays in part in the nature of bicycling, where many different factors come into play. Traffic conditions, the built environment, individuals’ psychology and natural conditions such as climate and topography all influence levels of cycling. In addition, bicycling has historically been neglected as a subject of research and data collection, which is why nowadays planners often lack objective evidence to base their actions on.

This project aims to reduce this deficit by proposing a toolbox which addresses three key areas to decision making in bicycle planning:
- A traffic model will estimate bicycle traffic across the entire street network
- A safety module will assess key indicators for cycling safety
- An impact module will estimate the risks and benefits resulting from cycling

Combining these three perspectives in an integrated platform will provide planners and decision makers with objective inputs to base their decisions on. In the long term, tools like the proposed platform promise to contribute to a more efficient use of limited (financial) means and therefore a more effective promotion of bicycling.

Project leader
Dr. Thomas Götschi
University of Zurich
Institut für Epidemiologie, Biostatistik und Prävention, Bewegung und Gesundheit

Involved universities
University of Zurich
University of Basel

Project duration
1.6.2015 - 31.05.2016

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