Green Jobs - Berufsperspektiven für Hochschulabsolvent/innen

Project B1-13

The project is a series of four events that highlight career opportunities for young academics of all fields of studies within the broad field of sustainable development. On every event three speakers of local companies or organisations that engage in sustainable development will give young academics a biographic insight into their career paths, as well as requirements and key competencies their work requires.
Since sustainability is a quality that speaks of ecologic responsibility and expresses social fairness and fair conditions of work and production, the programme focuses on paid jobs for academics that offer challenging tasks, require scientific methods and innovative thinking, instead of voluntary short-term missions. Highlighting that a career that focuses on sustainable development offers an attractive way to make a living, the programme wants to promote a career in sustainable development as a way to enhance the economic and social life of an individual as well as the economic and social conditions of the global society and future generations.

Project leader
Ms Setareh Gharibi
University of Zurich
Involved universities:
University of Zurich

Project duration
01.09.2013 - 31.01.2014

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