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Project B1-23

The project will promote knowledge and ideas related to various aspects of sustainability such as the use of natural resources, energy, consumption and (natural) life cycles. Diverse workshops, direct actions, lectures, discussions and other events will guide the participants through the seasons of a whole year combining topics from ecological, social and political fields.
As an important part of the project, participants (UZH students, staff and external) will have the opportunity to learn about principles of permaculture and experience growing their own food first hand in the SeedCity community garden: biodiversity and life cycles “in our backyard”! Of course, nature is not everything. Different communities and cultures, social justice, economic benefits, policies and transition processes are just some of the controversial topics that will also be part of our agenda. Last but not least, the project will provide a platform for experts and young talents to exchange thoughts and knowledge for current and future projects and to build strong networks. The goal of this project is not only to spread knowledge about sustainability, but also to inspire and to give new ideas for everyday life.

Project leader
Tessa Consoli
University of Zurich
VSUZH, Nachhaltigkeitskommission der Universität Zürich (NHK)

Involved universities
University of Zurich

Project duration
01.06.2014 - 31.05.2016

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