ELTT - Enabling leadership for transformational teaching and learning for sustainable development

Project A3-30

ELTT is a new professional development programme provided by the Sustainability Team of the University of Zurich (UZH) targeting university educators, to support capacity building for leadership in higher education for sustainable development (ESD).
Approach: Providing a set of methodological approaches which complement each other and provide interactive, intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange on higher ESD. Online webinars actively involve international experts in the field of higher ESD. Workshops enable peer learning, hands-on experience and active exchange among practitioners. There will be eight workshops during one year. Thematic handouts provide theoretical input to systematically understand and learn about the role and potentials of higher ESD.

Completing the professional development programme, participants
  • will have gained competences for embedding Sustainable Development within their specific study courses and institutional environment.
  • will be part of an international network of peers allowing for continuing exchange and capacity building within an international community.

Partners: The programme is offered by the Sustainability Team of UZH in collaboration with the UZH Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology. The following international partner organisations support the project with their expert input and provide a platform with some hundred universities that are eager to exchange experience on higher ESD:
  • COPERNICUS Alliance – European Network on Higher Education for Sustainable Development
  • IAU – The International Association of Universities
  • GUPES – UNEP: Global University Partnership for Environment and Sustainability
  • United Nations University – Institute for the Advanced Studies of Sustainability (Global RCE Service Centre)

Project leader
Dr. Clemens Mader
University of Zurich
Sustainability Team

Involved universities
University of Zurich

Project duration
1.6.2015 - 30.11.2016


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